The Gentle Arts


While the weather is inclement, the Quimper Hittys are engaging in gentle pursuits…Viola has started keeping a journal…




…Rose is happily planning her next knitting project, and…




…supervising Eugenia who is learning how to do to embroidery.




Constance is working on pinafores…




…and filling up her shop in anticipation of the next sale!




13 thoughts on “The Gentle Arts

  1. Dear Quimper Ladies
    You give me so much pleasure as you each follow your interests and share photos of yourselves. I miss my N-Q-H girls, but you do so much to cheer me.
    Thank you all,
    J xxx

  2. This post suits my mood beautifully today…. lovely girls with lovely peaceful activities. The latest pinafore is especially dainty!

  3. The Quimper human’s talents have been passed on to her hittys. Each and every photo is a story in itself. Where in the world did you ever find that tiny embroidery hoop? This post is awesome.

    • One of my good friends gave me the embroidery hoop – coincidentally I gave her one at the same time! That was funny! Eugenia has been wanting to learn to embroider, as her wood is too delicate for some of the more exciting adventures that the other Quimper Hittys are wont to indulge in!

  4. Such busy girls! I am cheering Eugnenia on with her embroidery! Viola has a lovely journal. And the pinnies!!! We look forward to the next sale !

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