Hunting for Violets

Not Yet

On a pleasant afternoon, Viola came with me to one of our favourite gardens. She is sitting on the spot where we usually find violets growing, but evidently not yet.




She did find some waning clumps of Snowdrops…




…a solitary crocus…




…and little white Scilla…




…then it started to hail!

Viola ran inside!



8 thoughts on “Hunting for Violets

  1. Despite the hail, the narrative was greatly softened by the soft colors of the Spring flowers and Viola’s pretty sky blue shawl. The sneak peek of the heavy duty shoes were muted by their pretty color too.

  2. sweet!!! I do love Viola’s pinny. What a lovely garden to visit with so many little blooms waiting to be admired.

  3. What a weather transition Viola experienced. My Goodness from viewing pretty spring flowers to getting pelleted with hail. She used her shawl to good use…I see that both human gals and wooden gals protect their hair above all.

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