May Morning


It’s the First of May!

Perdita went out to check on the stump garden, and was pleased with the progress of the Nasturtiums.





Then she went to the windowsill to braid up the narcissus leaves…




…this way they can still absorb sunlight, and the roots and bulbs can be healthy for next year.






It is quite a bit of work for a Hitty, but Perdita likes they way they look too, all tidied up for the season…



May Basket

…and the reward for garden work is garden bounty!




What a beautiful May morning.


8 thoughts on “May Morning

  1. Oh yes, so beautiful and beautifully photographed. I’d never heard of braiding narcissus leaves…is there a purpose behind it? or just tidying up? I wonder if it can be done with daffodil leaves too? Thank you for such beautiful photos and morning jaunt.

    • I first saw this in the gardens at Hampton Court Palace when I was a student there…the gardeners tidied up the leaves this way, so that other plants could fill in the spaces around them. The daffodils still need their leaves to soak up nutrients so the bulb will be healthy next year!

  2. We fold over the long stems of Iris leaves but I am going to see if they will braid. Great idea.
    Your photos are beautiful…the last shot of Perdita’s profile in the sunlight with those flowers is gorgeous.

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