Liberty Dress and Paper Dolls


Aurelia has got a new dress…




…we bought this fabric a year ago, and have been trying to find time to sew it up!




Aurelia wanted me to hurry up and get the hem done…




…so she could wear her new dress on Sunday. The Quimper Hitty Human gave a Making Paper Dolls workshop at a local heritage house – Aurelia was the chosen doll for the day, and she wanted to look her best!

We came home with (from left to right) an overlay doll; a hand-painted paper doll made specially for the workshop; and two reproduction 19th century dolls.  She was glad to meet her distant cousins, but although Aurelia exerted herself and was polite, conversation was stiff and two-dimensional. She decided they don’t have all that much in common after all except for their pretty frocks!





4 thoughts on “Liberty Dress and Paper Dolls

  1. Aurelia looks lovely in her new frock…I have to agree with her that the distant cousins look a tad straight laced! Sounds like a fun outing in spite of that!

    • The grown-up lady was very straight-laced indeed – her corset looked quite tightly-drawn! It was fun to make paper dolls all afternoon with a group of interested and friendly people ranging from around 7 to around 70!

  2. You have so many talents…if we lived closer we would have enjoyed attending your workshop.Aurelia’s dress is so pretty.

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