Sweet Peas and Foxgloves

Sweet Peas

Two sweet girls decided to have tea on the porch to celebrate the first Sweet Peas Blooming.





Tea Time

They put together the ingredients for a lovely tea party…




…but Aurelia remembered reading that elegant ladies in bygone days used to drink tea wearing gloves…




…so Arianell borrowed some from the Foxglove plant.




The gloves are pretty and pink…




…but they are sticky inside and the girls found that holding teacups is difficult when wearing gloves.




The berry tea smells delicious…



Berry tea

…and tastes just fine even when the teacup is lifted with bare hands!

We are excited about the first Sweet Peas, they are one of the favourite flowers of the Hitty human and their favourite photographer…the Hittys think they are pretty sweet too!

Thanks very much to Janet who  painted the fabric I used to make Arianell’s new bib apron dress!


12 thoughts on “Sweet Peas and Foxgloves

  1. WOW! How do you come up with such unique ideas…flower gloves? The entire tea party was adorable…from that sweet and colorful tea cozy to those beautiful cups and saucers. Of course, the sweetest by far are those wonderful and much loved Hittys, Aurelia and Arianell.

  2. Beautiful Sweet Peas. Foxgloves are a favorite flower in Peppers household. Along with being able to wear them as gloves they make nice hats. Love your new pinafores and those beautiful fluted teacups.

  3. There is so much enchantment in this narrative……….the colors though, scattered throughout each inch of every photo though, make me swoon with color elegance! The photos are so beautiful and the dolls so quaint and the settings so sweet….thanks for making life a leap sweeter with each narrative you post.

  4. ahhh sweet peas are also a favorite of mine…sadly I have had no luck getting them to thrive here at the farm. Your sweet girls are so much fun. Love the painted fabric and how both girls are attired! VERY nice!

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