Carrot Soup Appreciates Black Cats


Black cats are beloved in this household…




Today is Black cat appreciation day in the United States, and though the Quimper Hitty cupboard appreciates them all year round, we like any excuse to celebrate.  We also intend to commemorate the Black Cat day that is celebrated in the UK on October 27th!







10 thoughts on “Carrot Soup Appreciates Black Cats

    • We do have a new teeny tiny cat cooky cutter, but alas this day was too full for baking…I will see if the wooden girls can get mini cat cookies made for the British Black Cat day…

  1. I didn’t know about black cat day. I think that’s great. I was honored to have a black cat live with us in our home for 17-1/2 years. She was so loved…even by our dog and that’s saying something. She is missed.
    Carrot Soup looks so sweet with her black cat, and rug and poster.

    Our Hittys have several cats in their home…all different colors plus a few dogs.

  2. The sweetest cat I’ve ever known was all black. She was a “borrowed” (from a friend) cat who came to live with us while I was caring for my dad in hospice this past year. All she wanted was love and all she gave was love. She was a great comfort to him – and everyone!

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