Mudlark and Mormor



Arianell and Lyric

Arianell went south to visit her block sister Lyric (they were carved from the same piece of Sycamore wood and at the same time last year).





She also found herself babysitting a few odd little dolls…




…and discovering odd little creatures at the beach with her friend Bonnie.



Bits and pieces

Meanwhile the human and her friends worked on carving bits and pieces of Basswood, Holly, Koa and White Ash.




A joyful group of dollies at the end of the workshop!

Mormor (mother’s mother) Matilda is the elderly lady carved by the Quimper Hitty human, named after my Swedish great-grandmother.

Mudlark is the tiny china head which was found in the river mud in England, and sent to me by a Hitty friend.  She now has a new wooden body, and is looking forward to future adventures with her friend Guttersnipe.

Janet Cordell carved the little girl waving, and tc Vollum made the Koa and Holly girls on either side of Mudlark.

The human thanks them both for much encouragement and help, and fun and dolly rescues!






12 thoughts on “Mudlark and Mormor

  1. Mormor is a wonderful portrayal of an older Hitty woman – I’m deeply impressed (being an older human woman), and thinking of the wonder of the gift to a little one (human) of a small active portrait of oneself, being able to companion one’s descendants through the next 100 years! My mother gave me a tiny bag of “worry dolls” to keep under my pillow and tell my troubles to, when I emigrated to Canada. What a delight to have the idea of having her in my life as an imaginary friend, a busy little Hitty, to share my adventures with, now that my mother herself has died. Thank you!

  2. what a wonderful outing and such lovely dolls!! Looking forward to the further adventures of the new additions to the Quimper cupboard.

  3. ushashi’s comments had me tear up…I identify with her thoughts. Arianell and her twin spirit Lyric, looked as if they were having a grand ole time together. I’m glad you had such a wonderful time with wonderful friends.

  4. Congratulations on the new additions to the Quimper family! New characters, new smiles, more new adventures…and surely a number of special warm hugs. I see it as another gift to all of us readers. As for Mamie, needless to say she is thrilled to pieces about the addition of a mature lady to the Quimper cupboard! She thinks it’s the best thing for all the young ones…Mamie also believes that Mormor Matilda looks like a happy and warm lady…with a touch of free spirit, not unlike a certain human 😉 Maybe someday Mormor and Mamie will share some memories over a cup of tea…or a glass of wine. Much love.

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