Mudlark and Guttersnipe

Mudlark in despair


Little Miss Hope Mudlark is in pieces…her body was nearly complete, when a shoulder paddle broke. Little Miss Guttersnipe assured her that she is in a houseful of doll-carvers and there is no need to despair.

The human is off at a carving workshop, where she is having time and technology issues, and apologizes for the lack of Quimper Hitty updates.






12 thoughts on “Mudlark and Guttersnipe

    • Yes, the teeth-gnashing was notable, but the teachers reassuring, and the paddle elves were busy. Guttersnipe was right, little Miss Mudlark is all pegged and ready to play as soon as the epoxy cures (and she gets some decent clothing).

  1. Love the names, so sorry about the broken shoulder paddle, but know that she is in good hands…and assuming you’re having a wonderful time carving with friends.

  2. I am sure that by the time you read this the shoulder issue will be resolved and all will be well. Hope you are enjoying yourself (despite paddle challenges!) and having a grand time with those grand folks!

    • You are right, Mudlark is all fixed now, and just awaiting the curing of her epoxy join..she really wants to get up and lark about on the table, but I am hoping she will just sit still overnight!

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