Black Cat Day 2019




Arianell has been painting cookies again…



Cat cookies

…and serving them for tea…



Black Cat Tea

along with Cat poetry, and…




…fish for the cats!

Happy National Black Cat.



Click Here for information about National Black Cat Day!



12 thoughts on “Black Cat Day 2019

  1. We have a few feral cats in the village where I live. They come in all colors…many of them have been semi-socialized due to the loving attention they receive from the villagers. Wish every single one of them had a nice warm lap and cozy bed to sleep in.

  2. oh my this rather looks like my barn…so many .cats! Here on the farm there is a cat round up planned for the spring …to get them all “fixed” so nice that knitted cats do not have that to worry about. Love the little cookies and of course Arianell is lovely in her pinny!

    • Someone in this Hitty family is fond of cats! We think Gracia may have a soft spot, and she is also a source of cat-food…no Hitty kittys go hungry here! Arianell is glad you noticed her special pinafore!

  3. How can I make kitties for my three Hitty girls? We have recently moved to Hawaii and Hitty, Wren, and Haida are watching some small carved dolphins play. They would love some kitties to play with.

    • We have bought kitties new (Plastic from Scleich; wooden from Ostheimer) and also second-hand from charity shops (ceramic). I have needle-felted a kitty, and knitted many kitties (Tiny Parlour Cat free pattern on Ravelry) a friend crocheted one for me. One of these days I will carve one myself!

  4. Black cat cookies are the best cookies you can make for National Black Cat day. We have a black cat Boo that arrived at our door 3 years ago on Halloween.

    In the Donahey household we for got to celebrate the day. Thank you for sharing your day with us.

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