Summer Dig


Although Tansy’s annual trip to Haida Gwaii as assistant archaeologist was cancelled this year, she and her favourite photographer (and Archaeologist) have been moving dirt in the back yard.




After hiking through the ditch, Tansy jumped down into the pit…




…where she helped inspect the walls and floor.




The topsoil layer revealed some corrugated plastic…




…and with her eagle eye, Tansy spotted a bone near the bottom!




Her favourite find was a beautiful fragment of pressed glass.




Archaeology can be hot work…Tansy went to sit in the shade and drink some water…




…and then recorded the finds…




…before breaking off for the day!!



20 thoughts on “Summer Dig

  1. We can tell Tansy has been trained by an expert. She works by the book. And she has choice tools too! I love the fact that she doesn’t simply sit and watch…she gets her hands dirty…she’s a very dedicated pupil!

  2. Tansy is a total trip. (a saying here meaning entertaining, fun, exciting, amusing) Love the way she makes the best of this current situation, showing us all to keep on keeping on.

    • There are interesting things all around, and even underground! Tansy is enjoying working in the back yard…she says the food is better on this project than on some, and she likes being able to sleep in a real bed with sheets!

  3. How nice that Tansy can do some digging and recording this year despite not being going to the Haida Gwaii. Thank you dear Tansy for sharing your finds with us.

  4. I found myself admiring Tansy’s hat and wishing that I had a human size one just like it! Love her dress, too! Are the artifacts from the dig going to become something fascinating in the Hitty household?

    • Tansy does love her hat – it is very like one that her favourite photographer wears out in the sun – very shady brim, and a good colour (already dusty brown, so it doesn’t show the dirt!).

  5. Tansy is a great help in the field, and loves turning what would otherwise be routine digging into an exciting day of finds and lab work. I can’t imagine what I would do without her help.

  6. oh, good for Tansy – but what is she doing digging in her nice dress? I like her pressed glass. Years ago I found a clay pipe while starting the veggie garden and I’ve found bits of crockery where I know previous residents burned garbage.

    • Tansy thought she might encourage exciting bones and other objects to show up if she wore her dinosaur bone dress…the steak bone was the closest they found to dinosaurs though. How exciting to find a clay pipe!

  7. that is a lot of digging…no wonder Tansy is weary! The favorite photographer has been pretty busy. That looks like good black dirt…and no rocks. Unlike here where the rocks are EVERYWHERE! Love the photos and Tansys shovel!

  8. It is a lot of digging, and the soil is getting harder and dryer – but they are making good progress. They each have a very shiny shovel, and like to keep them polished and clean! Not too many rocks in this spot, thankfully, just a lot of annoying grass roots, and clay 30 cm below the surface.

  9. Thanks! The clipboard is made from a wee tiny clip that was attached to a fancy bulletin board pushpin (I removed the pin). I bought it at a fancy stationer’s shop…the board part is made a bit of veneer that was lying around, cut small and edges rounded.

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