Preparing for a visitor!

The block twins have reasons to be excited…an ancient visitor is in the celestial neighbourhood! They are camping out in the back yard in hopes of saying a little hello!





…about an hour after sunset they looked up!




….hello lovely heavenly body!



Hello – goodbye

The Swamp Kauri tree that the block twins were made of became preserved in a swamp 50,000 years ago. NEOWISE is a long-period comet, on an elliptical orbit, only returning to the sun every 4500 – 6000 years!  Opal and Agathe wonder if their Kauri tree said hello to the comet some time during its upright life…it has been back eleven times since then!

What a reunion!

Thank you Favourite Photographer for the gorgeous photo of NEOWISE.

The comet will be visible for a couple more weeks, about an hour past sunset, in the Northern hemisphere at least, low down in the western sky. Do check local information to be sure – it is a beautiful sight, and visible to the naked (or painted) eye, though Agathe says binoculars are helpful!



Click here for the Wiki entry on comet NEOWISE

Click here for the Wiki entry on Swamp Kauri



21 thoughts on “NEOWISE C/2020 F3

  1. Incredible photos. Just awesome. The girls were very lucky to be able to view the comet. Their tent and binoculars are fabulous. Loved seeing the amazed look on the twins faces. They are oh so special…twins. Loved this post. Thank You.

  2. So glad they had a clear and successful view of the comet. That’s some tent! I’m sure they laid awake and discussed their adventure for hours, while listening for creatures outside in the dark. I must admit, I was distracted by the lovely chicken fabric. I’m so mundane sometimes.

    • The twins love back yard camping, and we were very lucky to get this shop floor sample at the end of the summer one year – it is perfect Hitty sized! The chicken dress was given to me by a mutual carving friend, we love it too, and I love how down-to-earth you are !

  3. I’m quite in awe that a comet can make so many orbits over such a long period of time. The photo of the block twins waving at NEOWISE feels very appropriate since it’s a good possibility that their standing Kauri tree progenitor just might have done the same a while back. Thank you, Mistress QH, for another thoughtful narrative. Well done.

    • I love imagining the majestic Kauri tree 50,000 years ago, waving at comet NEOWISE. Agatha and Opal are such unique dolls, but I might be too afraid to play with them if I think too hard about it!

  4. Wow! What wonderful photos! We haven’t been able to see it here yet because of cloudy (or storming) skies, but hope to be able to see it soon. Until then, we’ll savour your wonderful photos! Thank you!

  5. Wonderful! WE have been looking but so far no luck! The photos are just great! (by the way Marie Claire admires that chicken print dress one of the twins is sporting!). The reminder of what the twins are carved from was fascinating….thanks!

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