Iron on Tuesday

Fire Wood

Jane loaded up with firewood…



Sad Irons

…and heated up the sad irons…




…there is a huge pile of laundry…




…Jane does the wash on Monday, and the ironing on Tuesday!



Swan Iron

This is her favourite iron, but it is too heavy to lift!




The cat doesn’t like Tuesdays, and will be happy when all this fuss and bother is finished for the week.




12 thoughts on “Iron on Tuesday

  1. Ah, the simple pleasures of life. I find ironing a comfort. Might Jane feel the same or is she overwhelmed by the volume that faces her?

    I like the “firewood”. We have some drying ourselves at this moment. It will be used to make a second batch of chai this coming weekend. No doubt Jane’s kitchen smells nicely.

  2. I had a friend who used an iron like this one…also heated on a coal fire. She was the last of her kind.
    “Be not the first to try the new,
    nor the last to put the old aside.”
    My Dad’s constant advice to us…we would tell him to put that old saying aside already.
    Makes me smile to remember this.

  3. How lucky the girls are to have Jane keeping on top of the laundry and ironing. Reminds me my grandmother. She laundered and ironed like a perfectionist. My sister and i would usually contrive to leave some articles of clothing behind when we visited…knowing that when we returned they would be beautifully done!! She was a treasure in all ways.

  4. I wonder if Jane is one of those lovely people who enjoy ironing. Those whites will be so lovely all freshened up. I pressed a collar and the top of of the button tab on a plaid shirt today and called it done. I think Miss Maddie enjoys ironing too., but she wasn’t around to help me. I do a lot of pressing of quilt pieces though….

    • You are absolutely right – the Hitty’s kitchen is awash with delightfulness, the cat just wishes all the activity would go away and leave her with the nice warm fire and a bit of peace and quiet.

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