Chiton Picnic


Anthea wants to go rock-climbing so she put on her helmet…




…then she climbed up a rock…




…the youngest human in the family wanted to climb too so she joined in!




…they all got to the top.




The crow found a Chiton to eat…




…Anthea said “no thanks, crow”.




Instead she looked at the view while the crow had his Chiton picnic.

12 thoughts on “Chiton Picnic

  1. This story is terrific. Loved, Loved, Loved the helmet. It was very inventive. Youngest human is adorable…her imagination is like her Grandmother’s. As usual I learned something new…I had to look up “What is a Chilton” I never saw one before.
    That giant rock is gorgeous…looks like a whale…perfect in that setting.

  2. i too had to look up chiton….it is a handicap being so far from any sea or ocean! Enjoyed the outing and the glimpse of the youngest Quimper Human. And the scenery!! And of course Mr. Crow!

    • I am sure there are farm and country words that would be mysterious to us! We like Chitons, they are so curious with their plated exoskeletons…like tiny living fossils! The gulls and crows like them too for their tender insides!!

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