A Stack of Books

A Stack of Books

Constance has a huge stack of books on her side table…



Working on it

…but by dint of perseverance and a lot of hard work…




…she managed to get through every book/hexagon!   By taking a hexagon flower and surrounding it with the books…




…she made a beautiful star!



Looking good!

Stars and flowers go together like this…



Another Stack of books

…and now Constance can get back to her other stack of books!





12 thoughts on “A Stack of Books

  1. the stars are delightful and together with flowers are magical. I didn’t realize you could make such different shapes ( zero quilting experience) will have to give them a try. Constance is very clever.

    • We thought it was magic when we first saw how the stars and hexagons fit together…then we decided it was mathematics…which is a kind of magic after all! In any case, we are really enjoying the results!

  2. Oh! this quilt is going to be so lovely, precious and I would assume, a make you smile quilt. How clever to pair books and flowers. Thanks for showing us your continued process, Constance.

  3. No concern about light pollution when Constance’s stars are out. They are so pretty. It never occurred to me before that stars are the flowers of the cosmos…till now.

    • No indeed, these stars are gently coloured and shine with a sweet glow, rather than showy brilliance…I am glad you like them, and we really love the idea of flowers of the cosmos!

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