Flowers from the Garden!


Henrietta and Arianell crossed the slippery frosty bridge…




…and walked through the crunchy frosty grass…



Frozen Catkin

…they found some frosty catkins…




…and a few chilly daffodils! Henrietta thought they were so cute…



Mini Daffodils

…so did Arianell!



Plum Blossoms

They sat in the flowering plum…




and brought a little tussie-mussie to Mormor!



12 thoughts on “Flowers from the Garden!

    • We love our little walks – our garden is not huge, but there is always something interesting going on in it! Mormor loves the little squashed handsful of flowers she gets from the girls!

  1. Thank you for the spring-time cheer. The coming flowers are gems for the eyes to view, the adventurous girls are so comfy looking in their pretty sweaters and the crowning point-tussie mussie for Mormor. Thoughtfulness and care are highly valued characteristics.

  2. I’m not sure which is more cheering… the dainty spring flowers or the cozy woolens…. I loved being able to share the girls’ frosty excursion!

  3. I was so happy to see the girls out and about with flowers and budding flowers today. It gives us all hope for Spring. I especially love their thoughtfulness in bringing Mormor some cut flowers from their walk.

    • We kind of like this time of year – going forward toward spring, then retreating into chilly weather again…the days are a little longer and longer every day. It is so encouraging! Mormor loves her flowers!

  4. A fun and frosty walk. Oh to see things blooming again! Glad the girls got to be out and about all bundled in their lovely outerwear!

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