Happy Smile

The Quimper Hittys got a wonderful present…



Beautiful Lamp

…this beautiful blue lamp!




It actually turns on!!!




Vanilla loves the beautiful blue base, the pretty lampshade and the glow of light…




…and she likes reading to the cats!

Thank you so much to the parent of the youngest human, who created this tiny marvel!



12 thoughts on “Alight!

  1. The lamp is very pretty…and it actually lights up….even better. I also enjoyed seeing the cat book by author and illustrator, Frida. Precious!

  2. That lamp is a glorious color, it’s so vibrant and yet sheds a soft glow for any work that a Hitty might endeavor to do under it’s light. The cat book looks like a treasured literary work by one who is noted here and there. Your cup is full.

    • My cup is full! Yes! So far the lamp has illuminated the words and pictures on the cat book pages, but Rose may make use of it to do some evening knitting, or Mormor to give her tatting shuttle a little exercise!

  3. how very clever! The Country HIttys are quite amazed (as is their person). by the gorgeous blue lamp..that actually works!! And the book of cats by that famous author…Frida looks fascinating.

    • We are so impressed by the sweet tiny gift! Our Hitty house is wonderfully enlightened by this wonderful little lamp! Of course our little author is a delightful contributor to our Hitty library!

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