Garden Blues


It was a lovely sunny day in Quimperland…




…and Viola went out to collect visions and scents of blue from the garden.  Little, fragrant Rosemary flowers…




…and dark indigo Hyacinth, with a heady perfume…




…sweet Scilla on slender stalks…



Jack Frost Brunnera

…and delicate Brunnera…



Tiny Vase

…which were so small, dainty and abundant, that Viola brought some inside.

We received a new tiny blown glass phial…was it made to hold smelling-salts? Perfume? The Quimper Hittys think it is a perfect little vase, and just right to hold a wee bit of blue sky, brought indoors to savour.



15 thoughts on “Garden Blues

  1. Dear Viola, this is just the perfect vase for the Brunnera!!! Your beautiful garden blooms lift my spirits, thank you for that kind thought! It is melting big time in Sutton…patches of…hum…dare I say grass?…exposed, robins exploring…perfect day! We know there will be more snow but for the time being, we are savouring every bit of sun and warmth! Enjoy your bouquet.

    • Isn’t it a sweet little bottle?! I am so happy that your snow is receding, and that robins are exploring in your garden. It’s so lovely to see the days lengthening and warmth returning. I am glad you enjoyed our garden too – it just seemed full of blue today!!

  2. Just lovely! So nice to catch a glimpse of the lovely blooms in your garden… we have a few small green shoots which offer promise for the future.

  3. The blues are so very soothing to see. Our own scillas have just started opening today. They are one of our first color of Spring for us. They’re always a welcome sight.

    • I love Scilla, the blue ones, and the ones with white stars in the centre, and the white ones…so sweet and pretty. I have admired them in other gardens for years, and am so glad we have some now in ours!

    • Courage…the spring is inexorably coming your way – soon you will see the little harbingers and blinks of colour in your neighbourhood. We are glad you could spend some time with us in ours today.

    • Isn’t it the best vase? I love the blue stripes and the hand-blown base, and it’s perfect tiny size…the tiny blue flowers of the Brunnera were perfect in it, and sweet Viola agrees!

  4. so many blues!! Our only blue flower this early is the Least Bluette..which are teeny tiny little flowers scattered in the yard. Love the very perfect vase! Enjoyed Viola’s stroll among the blooms.

    • I am sure the blue flowers will be abundant soon…we didn’t know about the Least Bluet – what a sweet tiny Hitty-sized flower! Viola is waiting for the Violets to bloom – soon!

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