Hi Ho, Hi Ho

Tansy went off to work with her shiny shovel…




…it was quite tough digging in the drying out soil, but the intrepid Tansy doesn’t mind the work.




Look! A curious artefact!




Goodness, it looks intact!




This is trowel work now…




A curious vial with a sphincter top – and liquid still inside!




Good heavens, another one!



I wonder

After being cleaned up and examined, Tansy could see that these are medical vials, perhaps for insulin, or maybe even vaccines!

What a great day – more backyard mysteries to ponder!



17 thoughts on “Bottles

    • She loves her dinosaur outfit, even if it perpetuates the myth that Archaeologists dig up dinosaurs! The bottles were so interesting – especially the one with the intact sphincter…no discernible markings though, which might have helped identify the contents.

      • I used to get my contact lenses in very similar little pots, only mine had silicone /rubber plug style caps. And we can all play with myths 😉

  1. It’s great seeing Tansy digging and finding treasure. If she did find a vial of vaccine, it’s worth more than gold now.
    Hoping she and favorite photographer can return to “Passing Cloud” adventures again. We sure do appreciate those trips.

    • The travel is still off-limits for this year at least. Tansy misses her Passing Cloud adventures too, but is finding unexpected pleasure in digging up her own back yard!

  2. while doing my own digging on the weekend I unearthed a glass marble – yellow/orange/ white spirals. But I wasn’t dressed nearly as fancy as Tansy. The bottles cleaned up nicely.

    • That sounds like a beautiful marble! Tansy found a little yellow marble-sized pellet today but it was plastic…the favourite photographer says it was probably used in a pop gun-type toy. She also says that digging attire is whatever you feel most comfortable wearing!

  3. Always a joy to see the intrepid Tansy hard at work. And a find!! Last year I dug up a flint arrow head or maybe a knife … , the Country HIttys were all quite impressed. We needed a skilled archeologist like Tansy to help identify it.
    I love her shovel and trowel!

    • Wow, what an exciting find! We are glad nothing like that has turned up here, or the garden-digging would have to come to a screeching halt and the “real” archaeologists would take over. Of course that would be exciting too!

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