Driftwood Morning


Floradora walked down the hill…




…until she reached the shore…



tide trails

She strolled along the tide lines…



Beach Pea

…admired the Beach Peas…



worm holes

…and found a log full of worm holes and pebbles!




Then she climbed up some twisted driftwood…




…and gazed at the morning view.



11 thoughts on “Driftwood Morning

  1. Beach peas, driftwood, worm holes-these are such fantastic natural items from a Midwesterner’s point of view. We would have peas in the gardens, corn stalks and ground hog holes to share with you. Thanks so much for sharing your environmental beauties with us.

    • We’d love to see your landlocked peas, sticks and stalks, and gopher holes! It would be a sight to behold, for us seashore folk – isn’t life wonderful – the air is different everywhere, and the views are unique!

  2. This story reminds me of the song in The Sound of Music…”My favorite things” I’m humming it with the words,
    “beach trails and beach peas and sea shore’s with Hittys…worm holes and pebbles and driftwood and kitties…

    What a lovely walk you took us on today. Pure magic.

  3. What a lovely peaceful outing. I’m 15km from the beach, and I wish I could just stroll down and sit and gaze at the morning horizon. So settling and grounding before the day’s work.

    • We live pretty near the seashore, lucky for us! We like to visit any time of day, especially at low tide, but there is definitely something invigourating about a morning gaze. Sometimes the horizon is occluded by rain-clouds, or sea-storms, but that just fills us with a different kind of energy!

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