Advent Calendar!

Bag of Goodies

The Quimper Hitty human has been participating in the second annual Crafty Advent Calendar.  Twenty-five people each made 25 little gifts. These were each wrapped and numbered (all mine were #8) and each person got a big bag of 25 different goodies – what fun! Opal and Agathe are overjoyed to be helping me to examine each gift – only one a day no matter how tempting!




The first few days were full of delicious treats, including dried apples, marshmallow peanut-butter delight, and pecan toffee.  Someone made a sweet little macramé wreath, just the right size for the Hitty’s door!



More Treats

A jar of “Golden Milk” a tube of home made lip balm and two greeting cards completed the first week of delights!



Christmas Welcome

Look, how perfect is this little wreath? It’s starting to feel like Christmas!





16 thoughts on “Advent Calendar!

  1. I especially love the final photo in this story….. their sweet expressions, darling holiday dresses, and the beautiful light. And home made blood orange lip balm? How intriguing!

  2. What a wonderful idea! A surprise advent calendar to look forward to each day. The girls look very pleased with everything and spread that happiness by sharing their Christmas clothes and decorations.
    Wishing all a peaceful advent and time to reflect on how wonderful life can be.
    Jenni and the Not-Quite-Hitty girls

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