Gingerbread in the kitchens Big and Small

A Maze

It is time to make gingerbread houses again!! The human is overjoyed! Three little human girls will visit and decorate them tomorrow!  Willa was very impressed, but got a bit lost in the construction site…




…she begged for the gingerbread scraps, and discovered that it is impossible to bake gingerbread without getting covered in flour!



gingerbread persons

…she rolled, cut, and baked all afternoon, the Hitty and human kitchens smell so delicious!




A little gingerbread dough goes a long way in the Hitty kitchen!



13 thoughts on “Gingerbread in the kitchens Big and Small

    • While Willa worked hard making little gingerbread persons…the human made the dough with young human yesterday, and rolled, cut and baked the house elements today…and will assemble tomorrow! It is one of our favourite seasonal activities!

  1. The Quimper cupboard is where Christmas happens! The human and the woodens are tireless elves that create all the magic and share. Willa found a very creative home…she makes her creator proud for sure. She seems to fit right in and develop new skills too! Wonderful job on the ginger cookies. Wish all the humans, big and small, a great ginger house decorating day!

    • Thank you so much, we do love the family tradition of gingerbread house making, and are always happy for Hitty helpers – they really seem to enjoy getting covered in flour! We all enjoy the results!

    • No pepper in this particular recipe, even though it is called Pepperkakkor. The flavour is a little different from my grandmother’s recipe too, but it is good and firm not too thin, and is still delicious after a couple of weeks, though it doesn’t usually last that long!

  2. Yum!
    Many of we Yorkshire folk grew up helping to make softer recipe gingerbread for the body of the house, then the crisp gingerbread part with a little more spice (including a dash of pepper in my family Kate!) was used as roof tiles, doors and windows.
    The adults usually ate the crisp pieces with tea or coffee – my uncle’s shepherd, Grandpa Davy, dunking his in the tea and slurping it noisily while we children stifled giggles. All the children and Grandpa Davy then took a spoon each and demolished the soft cake from the stand, no plates used. Bad manners and potential germ sharing were allowed on Boxing Day!

    • Indeed we will. I usually do the construction, as the houses have to dry and solidify for at least an hour before the candies can be applied, and that is too long for excitable kids to wait!

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