Happy Ninth Birthday Girl Dear

Fancy Dinner

Hittys Henrietta, Rose, Arianell, Willa and Perdita went out to celebrate a special meal while Esmeralda held up the chandelier and Lady Frances did a stint of babysitting…




…the dolls went out to dinner and ate sushi, Turkey, Chinese mushroom soup, Avocado and Papaya, and steamed rice…




…and because it was a certain small human’s ninth birthday, there was a nice selection of cakes for dessert! Happy Birthday, Girl Dear.



18 thoughts on “Happy Ninth Birthday Girl Dear

  1. Happy Birthday from the Müttersholtz Hittys too to the young dear girl. It looks and sounds like a joyful celebration-especially with that hanging chandelier! I cannot believe that nine years has passed since this blessed time of welcoming this delightful person into our lives via your blog, K. Thank you.

  2. What a sweet birthday party, Kjerstin! I love the dolls’ “chandelier”! And what exotic taste those Hittys have. Looks like a wonderful and very special menu! Judith


  3. Happy Birthday dear youngest human. We all have seen you grow into such a sweet little girl. I love your imagination and the stories you share with us.
    Wishing you a wonderful year.

    • She had a lovely birthday! The Chandelier-holder was very obliging, though she is hoping for some slightly more respectable outer-wear so she can have some friends over for her own birthday feast!

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