March Evening


It rained until late in the day, but Henrietta went on a damp March evening walk…




...she climbed around in the driftwood.





…and sat on a rock to watch the wildlife – Oyster Catchers, Sea Lions,




…and an Eagle.

Nature is literally right outside the door of the Hitty cupboard – we are so lucky!







12 thoughts on “March Evening

    • When I made Henrietta, I thought she would have a fondness for pink, like her namesake Dr. Bonnie Henry…but she seems to gravitate to blue. That is one of our favourite knitted shawl patterns!

  1. Henrietta is rapidly becoming a favourite here. She seems to have a quite, nature loving personality. I would love to meet her.
    Isn’t strange that personality shines out of each Hitty and that they are all so different?
    Thank you for taking us to see the eagle, Henrietta!

    • Henrietta is a sweet girl – she’s the first blond Hitty in the cupboard, and I like her personality a lot! She’s named after Dr Bonnie Henry, the Provincial Medical Officer in British Columbia – a beacon of kindness, calm and knowledge throughout this trouble.

  2. You really are lucky. Such beauty at your fingertips. The colors in that piece of driftwood was amazing, The giant boulder in the 3rd photo looked like a delicious pear that even had a stem. Then the stem transformed into an Eagle. Pretty special walk Henrietta had.

    • We were all glad to get out of the house, the rain had been too miserable during the day! How lucky that we did, and breathed some sweet salty air, and be reminded of the beauty of nature.

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