May Flowers

Blue Star Creeper

The spring has been so cool – wind storms, rain and generally chilly days and nights. The flowers seem to be late in blooming, but lasting longer than usual. Perhaps they appreciate keeping damp with the rain and not being exhausted by the sun.  After a couple of dry days Arianell and Floradora went to visit the garden – they love it when the Blue Star Creeper is flowering…




…it is so pretty and soft underfoot.  They poked around in the ferns and aliums, which the deer don’t eat (though alas the slugs seem very fond of the onion leaves).




It has been so cold that in this corner of the garden we still have “snow”…




…see – this plant is called Snow-In-Summer!




The back garden is fenced so the deer can’t get in…here the columbines are all beginning to fade…



Granny’s Bonnet

The “Granny’s Bonnet” columbine isn’t very bonnet-like at all, and not particularly columbine-like either…we wonder how it got it’s name?!




New flowers are going to overtake the columbines – it is almost time for the Larkspur to bloom! The girls like to sit in the Rhododendron bush and admire the tall spires of emerging blue!




…we love the May Garden!



10 thoughts on “May Flowers

  1. Your May Garden is a banquet for my eyes…so beautiful. We too have had more than our share of wind this Spring but we’ve also had extremes too-very hot and then dips down to cooler temps. But, flowers bring so much delight, don’t they? Thank you so much, Arianell and Floradora for allowing us to “walk” with you in the May Garden.

    • Floradora and Arianell had a lovely stroll – they feel very encouraged by all the flowers growing and blooming, even if a little late because of the cool temperatures. They bring sweet delight to our eyes and noses and feet – the Hittys feel so lucky, and so do the humans!

    • Drat about the deer, they certainly are pestiferous and persistent here “down the hill”. We’ve pretty much given up on trying to grow some plants in the front, but in the front they even eat some of our most poisonous plants including Monkshood and Lily-of-the-Valley.

    • Thank you so much for coming along with us on our garden stroll – the Hittys do have a magical view of the world…that’s why I spend so much time with them – I think the magic makes me more hopeful!

    • Floradora is wearing the “Hitty picking Mayflowers” pinafore made for us by one of our Hitty friends. It is very sweet – redwork embroidery that Floradora insisted should be put on for the last day of May! Arianell’s “pinafore” is actually part of her dress – the painted cotton was made for us by another Hitty friend, and I incorporated it into the dress during the construction.

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