Sweater Time

Sweaters for all

A very kind friend, perhaps knowing of my limited Hitty knitting abilities, sent Eugenia a sweet variegated blue sweater.  It was very timely as yet another west coast November storm rolled through on the weekend. I always used to tell my kids “put a sweater on, you’re making me cold”…it seems to work the same with the dolls, so thanks Hitty friend for making me feel warmer!  There never seems to be enough sweaters for all the Hittys, although sometimes I find one in a thrift store that almost fits. The Argentinian girls feel the cold at this time of year when in their native land it is bright and warm and almost midsummer.  Left to right are Perdita, Carya, Eugenia in her new sweater, Fern and Min (who wants an even smaller sweater)…click the picture for a larger view.



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