Finnish Independence Day

Tervehdys Ulkosuomalaisille

Hitty Constance recently acquired a Boy’s Sami outfit consisting of a blue cloth Gakti, leggings, reindeer fur boots and  four winds hat.  Hitty Tansy got a Girl’s Sami outfit with a leather gakti, red bonnet, checked shawl, leggings and reindeer fur boots.  They both wish everyone a very Happy 94th Finnish Independence day for 2011.

Standing around looking decorative is all very well, but the Hittys have decided to try and acquire some reindeer so they can feel like real Sami reindeer herders.



This is the time of year when “Reindeer” abound

Tansy and Constance may have to do some more research to find authentic reindeer.

This is part of the Reindeer Saga, the entire story can be seen by following this link





4 thoughts on “Finnish Independence Day

  1. Oh, how I adore their outfits!! I have a Samii jacket I wear out and about….Hitty Jean may want one too if she spots this post!!
    Happy Independence day…and good luck with the Reindeer!!!

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