Continuation of the Reindeer Saga

Hind Hooves of Rangifer tarandus

A visit to the Museum revealed that caribou are endemic to certain areas of our province, and apparently caribou and reindeer are genetically the same species. Constance and Tansy closely examined a Caribou Museum Specimen, and admired the enormous hooves. They decided a herd of authentic animals might prove too much to handle.

This is part of the Reindeer Saga, the entire story can be seen by following this link




6 thoughts on “Continuation of the Reindeer Saga

  1. Constance and Tansy’s made the right decision….Those enormous hooves could trample the little girls….Caribou sure look like reindeers. Good picture.

  2. Perhaps they need to take a trip to great white north! I agree, the back yard is much too small for a herd of reindeer. Besides, the cat would be highly offended.

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