Reindeer Lichen Does The Trick

Gakti, Fresh Cladonia Lichen, come hither my dear reindeer, sit by me.

 Tansy and Constance have at last found a reindeer they can cope with.  The reindeer seems amenable to coaxing.


Alternate Reindeer housing may have to be arranged


Constance and Tansy are delighted, Min is thrilled, the Argentine girls prefer camelids and the cat would rather be an only pet.


This is part of the Reindeer Saga, the entire story can be seen by following this link




7 thoughts on “Reindeer Lichen Does The Trick

  1. I hope those girls don’t do anything to cause the reindeer to turn his head quickly – they might be swept off their feet! I hope they can find good lodgings for the reindeer.

    • Merry Christmas to you! The reindeer was already quite domesticated, having escaped from a previous owner, who ignored him 364 days of the year. The Hittys are pretty happy now, and promise him a beautiful harness, occasional slow gentle sleigh-pulling, and lots of fresh tasty lichen

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