Ernani at the Met

Elvira/Constance is dreaming of a Different Tenor.

The Metropolitan Opera’s Live HD broadcast of Ernani was entertaining, though the story was a little incredible, as happens in Opera.  Constance enjoyed the singing very much, but was a little disappointed that Elvira  spends four acts singing in a love quadrangle and then dies.  Although she understands that Liberties are taken in Art and History, she thinks the statue representing Charlemange’s tomb was actually carved 200 years after the Opera is supposed to take place.

Her favourite part of the Opera was  watching the scene-changes during the intermissions, and the Renaissance inspired costumes. She particularly admired the delightful red shoes of King Carlos V.

Constance’s interest in Medieval History comes from having actually been to Roncesvalles, where a famous skirmish took place during the time of Charlemange.



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11 thoughts on “Ernani at the Met

  1. Oh Constance! Are you having a bit of a crush from another opera? I hope you realise that there is a real shortage of nice people in operas and any romantic involvement could end in splinters.

    • Constance admires Siegfried very much, but is usually fairly clear on the difference between fantasy and reality. It doesn’t hurt to dream, but maybe We’ll have to keep an eye on her. Splinters are definitely a Hitty nightmare, on par with flaming anything.

    • That is Constance’s favourite Tenor. Up until a couple of weeks ago her favourite Tenor was Prince Tamino, but she now finds Siegfried more enchanting. Strangely, both of them have had close encounters with dragons!

  2. Ah, Vermeer, one of my favorite artists. I’ve seen the Medieval Pilgrim on the Camino…glad to see the whole dress here…lovely work.

  3. totally agree-girl pouring milk has hung in our house in the past for years…pastoral, earthy, vital, rustic, light…love it!

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