Not Very Comiqual

Constance hums an Aria to the Chair.

Constance spent another delightful morning at the Opera, watching the Metropolitan Opera’s live broadcast of  Manon, first performed in 1894 at the Opéra-Comique in Paris.

The story is based on a racy novel from 1731, in which the heroine, Manon, is about to be safely installed into a convent, however she is lured into a life of glorious dissolution.  Extended happiness makes for boring opera, so Manon is eventually caught and punished by being transported to America where she perishes of thirst in the Great American Desert!   Jules Massenet’s Opera changes the story somewhat so that Manon dies on the way to the transport ship, for no apparent reason.

The best part, as far as Constance is concerned, was the heartrending Aria sung by Manon in the second act, in praise of her little table.  Constance is heartened by adulation of wooden furniture.  The original “Hitty” doll is thought by some people to have been made partly of re-used chair spindles.

Constance really enjoys going to the Star Cinema in Sidney BC for the Live HD Opera broadcasts.  It is a small theatre, never sold out, and she especially likes the fact that they send out for pizza during the intermission.  Next week is the last live performance until next season, but she will console herself with CBC Radio’s Saturday Afternoon at the Opera with Bill Richardson!



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2 thoughts on “Not Very Comiqual

  1. Did the chair respond in any way to having an aria hummed to it? Come to that, how about Manon’s table? I have always found wooden furniture, while pleasing, rather inscrutable (so to speak).

    • Near the beach recently during a wild windstorm immense driftwood logs were pounded against each with every giant wave, making the most amazing music, like a giant wild marimba. Constance says all pieces of wood have music in them if you can listen in the right way.

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