Sitting around in Friday Harbor

A Lump of Moss.

On our recent trip to Friday Harbor, Constance went on a long walk that looped from the Biological Research Station, down to the rocky foreshore and back again.  Her short wooden legs were glad of the occasional opportunity to rest on a lump of Moss or a handy tree.

A Perfect Root.

This swooping bit of exposed root was still attached to a living tree right next to a bit of eroding shoreline.  Constance found a very comfortable spot to rest.



A Flowering Sedum.

Constance admired the starry flower clusters and reddish succulent leaves.



A tuft of grass.

This reminds Constance of the song  “God Bless the Grass” by Malvina Reynolds.



A little clamber up to a Douglas Fir branch.

The perfect spot for a little sit-down, and the fresh green growth is soft.



A contemplative view.

Before starting back on the trail, Constance stopped on a rock overlooking the Salish Sea,  and enjoyed a little peace and quiet.


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