Dreaming of Berries

Beautiful Salal Flowers.

On a recent walk in Friday Harbor, Constance spotted a number of harbingers of sweetness yet to come.  The Salal plant has flowers that look like clusters of little wax bells. They turn into blue coloured berries that are a little tart and chewy.

Persistent Frutilla.

This little wild strawberry plant had made its’ home in a little crack of rock….unfortunately the fruits won’t be ready for about another month!



Single Salmonberry Flower.

Constance admired the vivid pink Salmonberry flower…



Nearly Ripe Salmonberries.

…and the almost ripe berries!



Remembering Last Year’s Berries

Last year’s crop was a perfect  Hitty-sized feast…she hopes the Salmonberries in our garden will have a good crop again this year – we’ll have to wait a few weeks to find out.



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