Fishing for Dinner

Tansy on the Dashboard.

Tansy had never been fishing, but in Gwaii Haanas fresh food comes from the sea and so she happily set out after work to help catch dinner. Everyone’s favourite is halibut, but that was not to be on this day.

Still, no one was disappointed with a lingcod, another delectable fish. Tansy was alarmed by the lingcod’s teeth and huge mouth that could have swallowed nearly all of the Quimper Hittys in one giant gulp.

Eye to Eye with Supper.

Tansy sympathised with the lingcod when it went under the knife. Wooden Hittys know all too much about sharp knives, though they remember little from before their eyes are painted on.

Ready for the frying pan.

Ahhh. There is nothing like eating fish that one has helped catch a few hours before. In the final rays of afternoon sun Tansy reflects on the cycle of life and the moral difficulties of being near the top of the food chain.


7 thoughts on “Fishing for Dinner

    • Tansy was so happy that it was her turn for an adventure. She and Constance can now compare notes on interesting methods of transportation, unusual food, and sleeping arrangements…

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