Not Icarus III

Lurking Bird outside the Museum.

Min hears a rustling in the bushes behind her.

My name is Rafus

She meets a large, shy bird which has been walking around on the grounds outside the Museum.   Since neither of them can fly and they both want to, Min and Raphus have come to the Museum to see if they can discover the relationship between feathers and flight….


Dinosaur Feathers!

The Royal BC Museum is hosting a fantastic exhibit about dinosaurs.  The show is a traveling exhibit developed by the American Museum of Natural History, and will be at the Royal BC Museum all summer.  Min and Raphus study all the  information they can find about the evolution of feathers.


Two extinct species’

Raphus eyes the mashed fossil with alarm.




This is one scary little formerly feathered dinosaur, found in Montana by 14-year-old Wes Linster.    Min and Raphus stay far away.




 Min is very impressed by the fossil feather impressions of the 130,000,000 year old Sinornithosaurous.



Time to go home.

Min and Raphus have discovered that there is not necessarily a relationship between the presence of feathers and the ability to fly. Some  modern birds and some dinosaurs had feathers and didn’t fly.  Some mammals and insects have no feathers and do fly.  This is disappointing news.  For one thing they will have to walk all the way home.



10 thoughts on “Not Icarus III

    • Somehow they are going to find a way to fly! Raphus was made by somebody called Mavis. He and several other sculpted fabric animals used to live in the Peregrine Bookstore on Fourth Avenue in Vancouver.

  1. The exhibit looks stunning and very informative. Hoorah for the Royal BC Museum! Thanks, Min, for taking us on a tour.

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