Not Icarus IV

Hiking through the Park.

Min and Raphus start their long hike to the Quimper Hitty’s home.  The peacocks in the park make a point of haughtily avoiding their clumsy, monochromatic, feeble-tailed, distant cousin.

A long way to go yet.

Nobody bothers Min and Raphus as they stroll through the fragrant pine avenue….

Bird Crossing.


Traffic screeches to a halt as the friends use the crosswalk to safely cross the street.


In the cemetery.


Poor Raphus is mobbed by crows in Ross Bay Cemetery, but Min says to just ignore them, they’ll get bored and go away eventually.


Up Up Up the stairs we go.

Just a few steps from home.


A woodshed consultation


 Home at last!  Min and Raphus go straight to the woodshed to consult the resident expert on animals of all Ilks.  The two friends are hoping that Rafus can be taught to fly.   Þóra determines that this appears to be Raphus cucullatus.  He is the last remaining Dodo Bird, thought to have been extinguished as a species in the 1700’s.  He is a long way from Mauritius, somewhat moth-eaten and rather the worse for wear, but in any case this species can’t fly…Min will have to find another way to get airborne.



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