Apple Pip in August

August Apples are Bigger and Redder

In August Pip finds the apples are coming along just fine.

Picnic under the Apple Tree

Something extremely interesting seems to be happening on the picnic table just below the tree.



All the food groups here.

Tea, cookies, fruit and chocolate! Life is good.



Norwegian Chocolate!

It was hard to choose, but Pip thinks Melkesjokolade med Hasselnøtter sounds good (it was – thanks Anne Blabbers).


If you want to see Pip’s adventures in the apple tree, month by month, click this link.


4 thoughts on “Apple Pip in August

  1. Pip is really keeping a good eye on the apples this year. Does pip know just how big Kings get? They will be like mountains in another month, to a Pip-sized doll.

    • Pip is amazed…the leaves are starting to curl up and dry, the morning spiderwebs are dewy and the apples growing bigger…we’ll soon be in September and Pip will take another look.

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