Iceland Saga IX

 Things we loved about Iceland: Spending time with relatives that we could trade clothes with;

Exchanging clothes.


At the top of Sveinstindur.

Hiking up to the tops of peaks and down into the bottoms of valleys;



Folk Museum, Reykjavik.

Visiting amazing Museums, like this one at Árbæjarsafn;



Icelandic Sheep.

Seeing Icelandic Sheep in Iceland;



A Future Icelandic Sweater.

Finding raw material for an Icelandic Sweater;



Water and Basalt.

Days in the wilderness with incredible sights around every corner;



Sitting in a Cinder Cone.

Climbing right into the cinder cone of Eldfell (in our new Icelandic Sweaters);



Glacier Viewing.

This visit to Iceland was a perfect combination of  visiting our favourite relatives, and spending time in the most astonishing countryside…I hope we can go back some day!



10 thoughts on “Iceland Saga IX

  1. We do not want this to end – We have been enjoying Iceland. So much beauty there. The Quimper Hittys sure are a fortunate bunch.

  2. Its too bad that the QHs did not stay for a few more weeks, exploring and photographing Iceland. I am sorry to see the end of this series. However, I am sure the Hittys will find other interesting things to keep us entertained.

    • The Quimper Hittys have had a lot of fun showing you their adventures in Iceland…The ones that went want to go back, and the ones that didn’t go are making lots of noises in the Hitty Cupboard about what they missed…not to worry though, more stories and adventures coming up!

  3. Absolutely wonderful! What a truly incredible series, a true highlight for me! Lovely photography and very interesting posts to go along with them. Thanks for bringing back all these wondrous photos and stories to share here with us all!

  4. I’m finally finding the pictures I heard about on the list. WOW! They are spectacular. It looks like a wonderful trip with incredible scenery. Of course those Hitty sweaters are to die for and their scenes with such beautiful backdrops are so enjoyable to see. Thanks, Diane

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