Lomography in Ross Bay Cemetery

Rose’s Diana F + Lomography camera

A Quimper Hitty subscriber suggested photography would be an interesting activity in the Ross Bay Cemetery.  Rose was quite eager to try out the Diana F + Lomography  camera, and spent the afternoon stalking the perfect shots.

From the Pine Tree.

Rose climbed up the pine tree and gazed about.



Lomo Anchor.

A Danish Naval Anchor marks the grave of a family with a connection to the sea…



Lomo Bench.

A nice place to sit.



Lomograph Cemetery.

View to the West at sunset.



Lomo Sundial.

Time to go home…Rose was quite happy with her photographic experiments.


Click here for an article about Lomography 


8 thoughts on “Lomography in Ross Bay Cemetery

  1. I sure had to look up lomography on Wikipedia! I didn’t know it, but when using my old SLR camera, must have been taking lomo photos all along!! 😉 The Cemetery was a great spot for Rose to experiment!

  2. Oh my goodness! LOVE this set! Funny story for you.. I just wrapped up processing a batch of shots we got at Ross Bay Cemetery and one of my favorites is of that anchor you have posted here! I think it’s settled.. great minds think alike! 🙂

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