Un Ballo en Maschera

Pizza at the Masked Ball

Pizza at the Masked Ball

Hitty Constance attended the Metropolitan Opera’s Live in HD presentation of Un Ballo en Maschera by Giuseppe Verdi.  We traveled out to the Star Cinema in Sidney because we like the small theatre and homey atmosphere.  The proprietors offer coffee and muffins at the interval, and if it is a long opera with two intermissions, they send out for Pizza.  We are glad to have something to eat so that we don’t expire of hunger while the various opera singers are expiring operatically.

Today’s dramatic expiration was a stabbing due to a tragic misunderstanding, performed by Dmitri Hvorostovsky (stabber) and Argentine Tenor Marcelo Álvarez (stabbee).  It is based on the real assassination of King Gustav III of Sweden in the 1790’s, which actually did happen at a masked ball.  Because it was turned into an opera, a love triangle was added to the political story, and because of censorship, the names were changed and action was moved to Boston. In this production, the story was moved geographically back to Sweden, and temporally forward to the twentieth century.



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16 thoughts on “Un Ballo en Maschera

  1. Constance looks very excited to be able to enjoy the yummy pizza. She’s wearing another lovely dress and a glam mask!

  2. I love the explanation of the opera’s convoluted history and Constance’s lovely mask (is that from Venice?). The pizza sounds delicious!

  3. I hate misunderstandings, especially when they result in untimely stabbings. So sorry to hear that Gustav III had to expire in such a tragic and sudden way, but at least some great folks had a chance to sing about it! That pizza there, looks mighty good… tell Constance to guard it carefully, I suspect there’s a pair of hungry Toads nearby!

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