Icelandic Jólasveinar 2

The Little Cat is Suspicious.

The Hittys Little Cat is Suspicious.

Min did not get a potato in her shoes last night!  She put them out again in hopes of getting a little present this time…



The Gully Imp.

The Gully Imp.

The Second Yule Lad to come is Giljagaur, sometimes called Gully Imp or Gully Gawk..he is big and strong and travels through gullies and ravines to arrive on December 13th! He is very fond of the Christmas Cat. The Hittys’ Little Cat is somewhat alarmed – the Christmas Cat has an evil reputation.


To read all about the 2012  Jólasveinar visits to the Quimper Hitty cupboard, click here.


This Christmas tradition is explained in the Icelandic Yule/Jól website here.



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