The Dreaded Lurgy

Jane has the Chills.

Jane has a Chill.

Jane is one of the more delicate Hitty friends in the Quimper Hitty household….solicitous Mary Ann is worried about her.

Mary Ann reads out loud.

Mary Ann reads out loud.

Oh no! it is the dreaded Lurgy!  Hope you feel better soon, Jane.



11 thoughts on “The Dreaded Lurgy

    • We are all all trying very hard, huddling with our hot water bottles and reading in bed…soon the Hitty cupboard (and the rest of the household) will be full of life again instead of groans and moans.

  1. We, too, have been afflicted in our household by the Dreaded Lurgy. Not a terribly fun time, but it sure is good to see that you are in good hands there being cared for. We’re thinking of you all and hope you recover soon!!

  2. I love how Mary Ann is so compassionate…trying to find what ails Jane and finding the cure. Just recovering from pneumonia I can sure relate to poor Jane. Here’s hoping Jane is on her feet real soon! Diane

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