The Dreaded Lurgy 2

Cat Therapy

Cat Therapy

 Mary Ann has received numerous suggestions for helping the Quimper Hitty household overcome the Dreaded Lurgy, many of them involving liquids abhorrent to her.  The Cat Therapy idea sounded promising to her, and she has recruited all the Quimper Hitty felines to help.  For good measure she went out into the backyard and collected some catkins from the willow tree.

Surely the Dreaded Lurgy won’t be able to withstand this!!  Hope you feel better soon, Jane.



18 thoughts on “The Dreaded Lurgy 2

  1. The catkins are flowering already? Yikes. I suppose it has been as cold in Victoria as it is in Seattle. Brrr. It’s finally supposed to warm to above freezing tomorrow. Yay!

  2. Mary Ann has such a caring look on her face…with all she’s doing and the compassion shown, dear Jane should surely be getting better soon. How fortunate for her to be so ministered to by Jane and the feline society as well as cousin catkins.

  3. Nothing can make you feel better than the soft fur of a cat against your skin and the gentle purrs of a contented being. We truly hope that the Lurgy will soon pass and that everyone will be back on their feet again continuing this epic adventure.

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