Coronation Day Tea

Coronation Day Tea

Coronation Day Tea

June 2nd, 2013 is the sixtieth anniversary of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II of Canada.

Queen's Tea Cakes

Queen’s Tea Cakes

Constance celebrates with a pot of tea and a sampling from the tin of Queen’s tea cakes.


12 thoughts on “Coronation Day Tea

  1. What a great way to celebrate the Queen’s coronation day with a pot of English Tea and Queen’s Tea Cakes. so smart of Constance to remember these dates.

  2. Constance almost looks like she’s sitting on a throne herself…she’s such a regal, statuesque little doll. How fun to be reminded of this memorable day.

  3. Just lovely… tea and biscuits…and the Queen! Tell Constance that today was also my wedding anniversary!! Who knew it was such a Royally special day!!

  4. Mmmm. Tea and cookies. That sounds exactly right. I am off to put the kettle on! That apron of Constance’s is my favourite of hers – such a nice colour.

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