Mary Ann visits the Quaker Ladies

A Quiet visit

A Quiet conversation in the garden

Mary Ann encountered some Friends in a friend’s Garden.

Perfect Company

Perfect Company

She and the Quaker Lady Irises agree that there are no furbelows in this company.




Thou finger's length of Modesty

She has a tranquil brow and shawl of grey

In the Hitty book, John Greenleaf Whittier writes a poem in which he calls the original Hitty “A Finger’s length of Modesty”.


A Plain Girl, but not without charm

A Plain Girl, but not without charm

She has a sweet voice and hopes never to have cause to raise it in protest…



No furbelows here

No too gaudy

Nature need not be improved upon ….




8 thoughts on “Mary Ann visits the Quaker Ladies

    • Thank you for sending her my way – she has been a shy but delightful member of the Quimper Hittys! A knitting genius made the shawl, and I made the bonnet so she could go for a stroll outside.

    • You are very welcome, I have been hoping to get to my friends garden before the Quaker Lady Irises were over… Mary Ann was pleased to accompany me, and she is such a photogenic little Friend.

    • I am hoping to make her an outfit of “Dove-Grey Silk” at some point…I like those Irises too, and Mary Ann was delighted to find some like-minded Friends to spend time with..

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