Ian Rankin

A life of mystery

A life of mystery

Hattie and her humans went to an “Evening with Ian Rankin” the last of the Bolen Books  2013 Events.  Ian Rankin is a very funny and personable speaker, not at all resembling Inspector Rebus.  We learned a lot, for example: the title of an earlier book  “Standing in Another Man’s Grave” is the result of a mondegreen; that Rebus and Ian Rankin tie their empty crisp packets into a knot because otherwise they take up too much room on the pub counter; and that Ian Rankin lives a couple of doors away from Alexander McCall Smith in Edinburgh! 



Hattie Hangs up her Bonnet and Shawl

Hattie Hangs up her Bonnet and Shawl

Of course, this being Canada, most people thought we were going to a concert with a member of the Cape Breton Island Rankin Family, but Hattie has the ticket stub to prove that we were at a literary, not a musical cultural event!  She can’t wait for the humans to finish the new book so she can get her little wooden mitts on it!



7 thoughts on “Ian Rankin

  1. Lucky ducks to hear Mr Rankin speak! And to learn that he lives near Alexander McCall Smith!! Who I am sure is a delightful human being. Glad you got the chance to see Mr Rankin and get his new book. And Hattie has very good taste in all cultural events!!

  2. It’s rather delightful that Alexander McCall Smith has written Ian Rankin into his Love Over Scotland books- I’ve never read any of the work of Mr Rankin… I think I shall have to do that now! 🙂

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