Defrosting Nectar

Frozen Nectar

Frozen Nectar

It was so cold in the night that the Hummingbird’s nectar froze solid inside the feeder…Hattie thought we should bring it indoors to thaw near the woodstove…



Liquid is easier to slurp

Liquid is much easier to slurp

The Hummingbirds were grateful and took advantage right away.  Tonight we’ll bring the feeder inside!!!

10 thoughts on “Defrosting Nectar

  1. I remember that your Hittys really like Hummingbirds (they are much nicer than crows) and have made a point of studying their feeding habits, and nests. It is nice to see that they are looking after them during the cold as well.

  2. We have been doing the same thing with our hummingbird feeder. We even get up with the sun to put it back out in the cold, cold mornings. And the birdbath freezes too, so we take out the ice and put warmish water in it. The birds love that!

  3. We’re having that trouble, too. Tom bought another feeder and swaps them out every morning. The hummingbirds like a bit of “popsicle” food, but only for so long. We’ve had five at one time quite often. We just love watching them!!! laura ebay seller name: cassiesey Etsy shop: WoodWoolWigs

  4. In this part of the country the hummingbirds (ruby throated) are all gone by the end of September. Long before the freezing begins. Now we are feeding all the birds that stay,,,sunflower seeds In 50# bags! Great photo of Hattie at work. What a sweet and caring HItty

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