Christmas Greetings 2013


Celebration! Click image for larger version.

The Quimper Hittys wish all their friends and relations a Buorrit Juovllat, Gledileg Jol, С Рождеством, Noeliniz Kutlu Olsun, Glædelig Jul, メリークリスマス, God Jul, 圣诞节快乐, Feliz Navidad, Gajan Kristnaskon, Joyeux Noël and Merry Christmas.


Thanks and best wishes to all the many Hitty friends who have visited this blog and enjoyed the perambulations of the Quimper Hittys,  special thanks to those who send little messages and comments, we find them very encouraging...


The Quimper Hittys’ favourite photographer is responsible for this and a couple of the other images in the QH blog this year, thanks so much for recognizing and recording all the fun 🙂




14 thoughts on “Christmas Greetings 2013

  1. Many happy returns to you and the Quimper Hittys, and a special shout-out to the beleaguered photographer who does such wonderful work! It can’t be easy working with all those woodens!

  2. It is nice to see all the Quimper Hittys in one place – quite the job to get them to sit still for a portrait! I hope they hae a lovely day and are well rewarded for being good girls all year round, every single one of them. Even Min.

  3. what a wonderful photo and a wonderful greeting. You have given all of us a gift all year with your lovely
    photos and stories. THANK YOU and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

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