Frosty morning

Frosty morning

This is Hattie, carved by me using a Janet Cordell blank.  Hattie was finished in October 2012, but there was something funny about her nose, and I meant to try and deal with it, but lost my nerve, so she appears regularly in my blog from March 2013.

 In the fall of 2013 I fixed her nose issue by carving off quite a chunk of the right side of it, so her new birthday is November 18th! I am sorry to say I forgot to add her to the Hittys page until now, and only realised it when trying to put the Mungo page together, so Hattie today, Mungo will have to wait for his own page for a day or two.



Nose Job

Nose Job

Before and after nose attention – I think she appreciates it! I had a different name in mind when I carved her, but the Quimper Hittys favourite photographer insisted her name was Hattie.



16 thoughts on “Hattie

  1. Hattie is a beautiful hitty and since she had a nose re-construction, she is all set to travel in style and go for parties and operas with her sisters.

  2. I confess that I do like her with the “nose job” and I agree with the writer who said it makes her look younger.
    It does! I am so pleased that she is now receiving the attention she so richly deserves. I have always loved her eyes…the color and the expression of quiet amusement. She is a keeper!!!

  3. Gosh it makes quite a change to her face doesn’t it? She was always beautiful but her ‘nose’ job just made that little bit of extra difference. Hitty Madge sends her love as she knows what it is like to have ‘wood’ surgery (as opposed to plastic surgery!

    • It took me a long while to figure out what was wrong. For months I was about to repaint her face…then suddenly realised the nose was actually the problem. Hi to Madge from a fellow woodenheart.

  4. Hitty Hatty is a beauty, I love her warm colouring. I agree she has a very good expression of quiet amusement which I like very much, much character in her beautiful face 🙂 She looks as if she might enjoy spinning and weaving too, somehow? One can be a thinker whilst doing those things 🙂

    • Thanks very much for your kind compliments on Hattie…so far she seems inclined to housework, milking the cow, keeping the fire going etc.Constance is the weaver, but perhaps she should ask for Hattie’s help on the next warp. Linnea lives with a family that has a spinning wheel and bales of fleece – I’ll check on her next time I visit!

  5. How brave of you to perform a rhinoplasty (rhino-woodsty??). She looks very pleased and happy and ready for whatever comes her way.

  6. Hatty is a very pleasant and easily amused doll. And in my experience a real whizz in the kitchen. It is nice to meet Mungo too who has a distinctive family resemblence to Hattie.

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