Red Flannelette Pantaloons

Dressed for Cold Weather

Dressed for Cold Weather


Our brave and daring (and sometimes reckless) Tansy is determined to have a proper Canadian Winter Experience.  She has  arranged to be sent to Winnipeg, where this week it is -45 degrees C.

Cosy underneath

Cosy underneath


On her previous jaunt (she stowed away to Read Island in October) we discovered that she lacked proper underwear. This time the human has made some warming red Flannelette under garments, which can double as sleep wear if needed.



Ready to Help in the Kitchen

Ready to Help in the Kitchen


She wears her favourite dress, and brings her apron and rolling pin just in case she gets a chance to learn how to make varenyky… And Tansy has heard that people can do wonderful things with rickrack in Winnipeg!

See Tansy’s Journey by clicking here.



15 thoughts on “Red Flannelette Pantaloons

  1. How very delightful! Please send the very best travelling wishes to Hitty Tansy from Hittys Gisella and Ettie Dorit, who would also count that beautiful, bright dress as their favourite! We are in admiration of the red flannel undies, and looking at mum’s red flannel nightdress and the scissors too, thinking we might need the same. We are not used to temperatures such as -1 C in England, which is expected tomorrow. We cannot imagine -45F but we could spend some time in the freezer to test it? Salutations to the proper Canadian Winter Experience.

    Hitty Gisella will put a pin into the new wall map to show Hitty Ettie Dorit where Winnipeg is.

    • Tansy will have fun I am sure, thank you for the salutations! Hitty Gisella and Itty Bitty Hitty Ettie Dorit deserve red flannel undies, definitely with -1 expected, br-r-r. It takes very little fabric to make them – less than a sleeve.

  2. Oh dear, Hitty Madge spotted this post before I did and now wants some red flannelette pantaloons and vest of her own! I’ve reassured her she won’t need them as she is off to sunnier climes soon. But have I been able to convince her I wonder?

    Tansy looks so snug and warm,and her coat is marvellous. DId you make it? Love that she is going prepared with her apron and rolling pin as well.

  3. Oh my goodness, Tansy is a VERY brave girl to face the long cold flight to Winterpeg!!!!! Fly safely, Little Tansy, and I hope that your Mamma is wrapping you in a cozy blankie as well as those fetching pantaloons and weskit!

  4. I know Tansy is usually very sensible and a well seasoned traveller. And like to think she has good reasons for wanting “real winter”, but my goodness, is she (and her human facilitator) having a fit of temporary insanity? I hope she recovers and ends up having a good time. At least she is very well, and warmly, dressed.

  5. The Country HIttys in Missouri salute you Tansy!! We have temps of 0 degrees F. But no snow, our winter experience has been frigid and dry. We are also quite taken with the flannel unders. And got a wee chuckle out of Mung0 not needing them and your human encouraging Giselle and Ettie Dorit to cut off a sleeve of their mums nightgown!! Enjoy your trip Tansy!!

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