Frozen Fountain

Frozen Fountain

Frozen Fountain

The cold continues…Victoria rarely gets protracted periods of cold like this…a rather lovely ice sculpture has formed in front of the Legislative buildings in the Inner Harbour.

Constance enjoyed the opportunity to wear her winter coat, but is hoping it will warm up to more seasonal temperatures soon.


16 thoughts on “Frozen Fountain

    • No snow here in Victoria – just freezing cold temperatures! We are getting the Arctic North Wind these days whereas we usually get warmer but windier storm systems from the West. If they happen to collide over our heads we’ll get snow, but that is very rare! The UK certainly is getting wet and stormy weather this winter! I hope you all stay safe!

  1. Constance seems to be prepared for whatever comes her way. She’s very cute in that winter ensemble. Assuming she journals, she can look back to see herself frozen in time.

    • “Frozen in time” hahaha 🙂 This blog is sort of a journal for Constance and the other Quimper Hittys! I made the pretty coat for her to travel to Iceland in last summer on the way to Finland – she needed it there too!

  2. What a beautiful photograph – Looks like the ice crystals will never melt and Constance is so brave to weather the freezing cold. Hope it warms up somewhat !!!!!

  3. ahhhh Marie Claire and the girls think that Constance could come here and live as we have a LOT of ice and snow and frigid temps. They are all very admiring of her coat and hat. Another really grand photo of our favorite Hitty!

    • Constance would miss her sisters, but is grateful for the invitation! She is also very fond of the coat (reminds her of Iceland 2013) and hat (made by a dear departed relation), but she would really appreciate it if the ambient temperature would increase ever so slightly. She did love the fountain though!

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